Monday, 5 October 2009

Hotmail email addresses.

I, like many others on learning about the thousands of email addressess dumped on duly changed mine - an advisable course of action at regular intervals anyway.
There seems to be a bit of confusion about how
the addresses came to be available. Some reports emphasise leaks as attention grabbers, whilst other, possibly more sensible commentators, say that the addresses are a result of a phishing scam. It looks likely to be a phishing scam, only a few days ago I  got this email pictured right.
So is this a threat to the cloud? It might serve to point out to us that our complacency as users is a major part of the need for development in the use of cloud services. If the main stream media continue to use such events to poke their sales up a bit by causing a panic; or security bods are sufficiently fearful that they take defensive positions rather than sensible ones it might take longer to realise the shared responsibility.

And in the words of a succinct neowin poster :
phishing is not a site security breach. it's an end user brain security breach.

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